18 Eylül 2007 Salı

Chaintech CT-6CTA2 i820 mainboard

The Chaintech CT-6CTA2 is a Slot 1 board based on the Intel 820 (Camino) chipset. The CT-6CTA2 also happens to have been designed with DRDRAM( Rambus) memory in mind, though the attraction of that memory standard has dropped substantially - despite its slightly better pricing since a while. A version of this board also offers an integrated RAID 0/1 controller from HighPoint - the HPT368; the very same controller, in fact, as is found on the Iwill VD133 Pro RAID that we reviewed earlier. All that said, though, let's say we get down to the brass tacks, and begin the review.

The features
The CT-6CTA2 is expandable via 5 PCI slots, 1 ISA slot, 1 AGP port, and an AMR slot. As well, there are 2 184-pin RIMM slots that can support upto 1GB of Rambus memory.
As for configuring Chaintech's CT-6CTA2, we find few jumpers to be found on the board itself. There are of course the usual suspects: the CMOS jumper, jumpers for activating/deactivating the keyboard/mouse start-up feature, and jumpers for activating/deactivating the sound-card. There is also pumper JP13, which allows the start-up feature to be applied to the USB, and jumper JP1, which can be set to allow the CPU to determine for itself the optimal FSB setting, or to force it to operate at 133MHz. Many configuration options are found within the BIOS menu labeled "SeePU". These include options for changing the FSB setting, and the clock multiplier. Finally, within the "Chipset Features Setup" BIOS menu, there is an option that allows the user to change the operating frequency of the memory bus.Unfortunately, no option is given for altering the processor's Vcore. According to the manual, available FSB settings include: 100Mhz, 103Mhz, 124Mhz, and 150Mhz, but personally, I wasn't able to obtain anything but a setting of 105Mhz. Of course, that could be the result of a defect in the test board....

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